• Greetings, 

    My name is Lucas and I'm the Team Lead for Fandom's Anime Vertical. We act as a resource to help wikis focused on anime and anime-realated media grow and flurish. 

    I'm reaching out today to inform you and the Sonako wiki community that the wiki's URL will soon change to This change change is because English is not the primary language used on this wiki, and we believe this community will be better served by our international volunteer team. 

    This change will go into effect this upcoming Friday, and please let me know if you have any questions about this process. 

    Thank you and I hope you have a nice day. 



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    • Thank you for informing us before taking action

      Based on our previous experience of changing the wiki language, can I ask some questions?

      1. The syntax of WikiText. Do they change completely to the Vietnamese version? Can we still use the English syntax? What about the English syntax which have been used before?

      2. Link redirect. We have a Facebook page which have been used to promote our wiki and we often share our wiki link there. When you change the URL, can all of the old links be redirected to new URL?

      3. SEO. When changing url, does this act affect our SEO on search engine?

      Thank you once again

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    • Thaks for getting in touch. 

      1) Users should still be able to use Ensligh syntax if they choose and all previously used English syntax will remain. 

      2) We can set up a redirect, although it would probably be wise to change the Facebook page's main link to this wiki after the URL change goes into effect. 

      3) If anything, this should improve this wiki's SEO as this change will make the wiki score higher in searches using the Vietnamese language. 

      I hope this clarify things and please let me know if you have any more questions. 

      - Lucas

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    • After change, I notice some problems with wiki functions

      1) Your search function stop working entirely. Ex: when I search "Mahouka" term, I get no results even one of our top viewed page is Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

      You can see it here:

      2) Activityfeed tag. I use this tag for my mainpage to get all of the comments part around the wiki.

      To achieve that, I exclude all non-related namespaces such as Main, User Blog, Thread, etc. However after change, your activitytag stop excluding all the namespaces I want. I try to change language of namespace but still.

      Right now I use the test page to test: Can you take a look to figure out what wrong with its function?

      3) Beside, can you change content of some English System Message I just want our wiki user using English as default language have the same experience like before

      Such as


      ++Old: Home

      ++New: Light Novel


      ++Old: $1 {{PLURAL:$1|comment|comments}}


      $1 {{PLURAL:$1|comment|comments}}

      Thank you

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    • Greetings, 

      I think a caching element might be causing some of the issues, as staff have gotten different search results than what you've described, but we returned the language to EN for the time being as a percaution. To answer your questions, though: 

      1) We were able to search for Mahouka while the language was VI

      Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 07.08.12

      Select another photo Appearance on Page Layout Thumbnail Full-size (1070x445px) 250 px Alignment

      2) We largely think some of the activityfeed problems were due to typos in the code. For instance, we changed Thảo_luận_Thành_viên to Thảo_luận,Thành_viên. Also we found a few instances were something was trying to be excluded as a namespace when the item wasn't one, like in the case of RokuShin.

      3) We also did not change anything related to system messages. 

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks. 

      - Lucas

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    • Hello

      I notice you change everything back to english version. So can I ask what the point of url change right now? All of our team effort to adapt new language in couple of days is pointless now.

      With some of benefits as you said before, I think you need to change back to VN version and we'll try to fix all problems after change

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    • Understood, and the wiki has been changed to /vi/. Once again, because of the cache clearing delay, it may take up to 24 hours for everything to adjust. While you're making these changes, I'd also suggest that you check to see what JS issue is making the following error appear. 

      Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 06.42.34

      Thanks and have a nice day. 

      - Lucas

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    • I wait for more than 3 days to make sure any problems happen will not related to cache issue

      1) About search function, I use 'Mahouka' term to test it once again

      It shows some of results as you can see below

      Search Function 01

      However when I hit enter, wiki leads me to its search result page and It shows nothing

      Search Function 02

      Using private mode in Firefox (logout by default), I have the same error

      Check the search function on mobile device, same problem occurs

      2) Can you change content of these two following "System Message" Pages


      Change its content to "Light Novel"


      Change its content to below code

      $1 {{PLURAL:$1|comment|comments}}

      3) We fixed the code making the error you reported above, but it still need to be approved. After that this error will be terminated

      Thank you

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    • btw, can i ask why your staff reject our change here?

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    • Yeah, I can definitely figure out the motivations behind those edits. 

      Would it be possible for for you and the rest of the leadership on the Sonako wiki to make a log of all the issues you encounter over the course of a week or so? It'll be easier and we'll be able to address these problems more completely if Fandom staff can tackle these problems as a big batch, rather than piece by piece. 


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    • After one week of waiting, beside some errors we can fix by our own. all of errors I mentioned in above posts are left.

      Thank you

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    • What's the meaning of this reason?

      Because of your change, we have to fix our code. And now your staff said he refuse to approve all of our changes before all the error have been fixed. This way of thinking is really something we can't understand

      I have to wait for a whole week as you suggest. And now this?

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    • I apologize for these issues, and we should have this all resolved soon. 

      System messages pages have been changed and your code was approved after we ruled out interactivity issues with JS and the search problem. 

      We are still working on the search error, though. Were you able to get any results when the wiki was designated as /en/? That would really help us narrow down the problem. 

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    • Actually, it looks like we found the issue. 

      The wiki needed to be re-indexed on the back end. So searches should be good, now, and we shouldn't have to suspend any other code changes. 

      Thank you for your patience during this process.

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