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Style of EnglishSửa đổi

All edited translations are to be in British English.

Narrative TensesSửa đổi

Translators are allowed to use whichever tenses they need, so editors have to fix any errors for tenses when you find one. Narrative tense should be in past tense. Narrative does not mean the character dialogues.

StutteringSửa đổi

If the word is a proper noun, proper adjective, or common nouns used as essential parts of proper nouns the stuttered words should be in capital letters.

Example 1: “B-Bucho, what is it?”

If the stuttering occurs at the beginning of the sentence and it is not a proper noun, proper adjective, or a common nouns used as essential parts of proper nouns, then the first stuttered letter should only be capitalised while all the other succeeding letters should be in lower case.

Example 2: “Eh? B-but, don’t you have to get yourself a husband?”

If the stuttering occurs in the middle of the sentence, then everything should be in lower case letters.

Example 3: “I've g-got to p-pick up a new b-book on vampires, m-myself.”

Japanese HonorificsSửa đổi

Since there are no equivalents to Japanese honorifics in the English language, Japanese honorifics will be kept.

Japanese LoanwordsSửa đổi

There are some words in the Japanese language that do not translate into the English language, for such instances it is recommended to keep the Japanese loanword. For example, Torii.

Translation NotesSửa đổi

NamesSửa đổi

Ansarivan Dragon Riding AcademySửa đổi

Ash Blake (アッシュ・ブレイク Asshu Bureiku) - The male protagonist. A first-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and (later) head of General Affairs in the Student Council. Known as the "Number One Problem Child" among students. Has a bandage on his left arm where his larger-than-normal Seikoku is located. Has the ability to ride on any dragon, which for most is impossible since dragons only allow their masters to ride them.

  • Class: Breeder (Vol. 1-4)→Dragner (Vol. 4-8)→Ark-Dragner (Vol. 8 onwards)
  • Nicknames
    • Number One Problem Child in the academy(学院一番の問題児 Gakuin Ichiban no Mondaiko)
    • Silver Knight (銀麗の騎士 Shirubā Naito)
    • The Boy Who Can Ride Any Dragon
    • Avalon Knight (アヴァロンの騎士 Avaron no Kishi)
  • Equipment
    • Aix-les-Bains (エクス=レ=バン Ekusu Re Ban) - Ash's first Ark Weapon, a greatsword with the power of light. Used in Vol. 1 to send a Necromnancia to rest.
    • Brionac (ブリューナク Buryūnaku) - Ash's second Ark Weapon, a sacred gun that shoots powerful ice magic that can freeze anything. Used in Vol. 2 against Avdocha.
    • Excalibur (エクスカリバー Ekusukaribā) – A two-handed sword that can only be wielded by an Avalon Knight. It can cut anything, even if the blade doesn’t really reach.
    • Escavaron (エスカヴァロン Esukavaron) - Ash's magicship.

Eco (エーコ Ēko) - The main female protagonist, Ash's dragon partner in the shape of a petite girl. Has a brash and prideful personality, and refers Ash as her "dog" despite him being her master. Loves to eat crepes. Later becomes Student Council's mascot.

  • Nicknames
    • Eco Pendragon Aurora Christa Lena Angeles Iria Lorence Liliane Muirel Octavia Robertine de la Rosa L'Espérance van Compostela de Avalon (エーコ・ペンドラゴン・アウローラ・クリスタ・レーナ・アンヘルス・イリア・ロランス・リリアーヌ・ミュリエル・オクタヴィア・ロベルティーネ・デ・ラ・ローザ・レスペランス・ヴァン・コンポステーラ・ド・アヴァロン Ēko Pendoragon Aurōra Kurisuta Rēna Anherusu Iria Rolansu Ririānu Myurieru Okutavia Roberutīna de ra Rōza Resuperansu van Konbosutēra do Avaron) - Full name
  • Spell to make the Ark
    • Almete, Gorjal, Peto, Espaldar, Brafoneras, Faldaje, Escarcelas,Bufetas, Hombreras, Brazales, Codales, Antebrazos, Manoplas, Quijotes, Guardas, Grebas, Escarpes, Espolón.
  • Avalon’s holy dragons' emperor family's Imeprial Princess.

Silvia Lautreamont (シルヴィア・ロートレアモン Shiruvia Rōtoreamon) - First-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and Fourth Princess of Lautreamont. Head of Disciplinary Affairs in the Student Council. Her dragon partner is Lancelot, a Maestro (Strada).

  • Class: Dragner (Vol. 1-7)→Ark-Dragner (Vol. 7 onwards)
  • Nicknames
    • Ice Blue Princess (蒼氷の姫君(アイスブルー・プリンセス) Aisuburū Purinsesu)
    • Princess (皇家 Himegimi)
    • Sylvie
  • Equipment
    • Arondight (アロンダイト Arondaito) – Silvia’s Ark Weapon that is a hybrid weapon between a halberd and a gun. The halberd form can be used for close-range combat, while the gun form can shoot magic bullets with attribute of the Bright Dragon Crystal it fires.

Rebecca Randall (レベッカ・ランドール Rebekka Randōru) - Third-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and President of the Student Council. She is an Ark-Dragner, and is known as one of the strongest Dragners in Ansarivan. Her dragon partner is Cú Chulainn, a Maestro.

  • Class: Ark-Dragner
  • Nicknames
    • Scarlet Empress (真紅の女帝(スカーレット・エンプレス) Sukāretto Enpuresu)
  • Equipment
    • Gáe Bolg (ゲイ・ボルグ Gai Borugu) – Rebecca's Ark Weapon. A spear with enormous destructive power that never misses its target when thrown.

Raymond Kirkland (レイモン・カークランド Reimon Kākurando) - First-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and one of Ash's friends at the boys' dorms. A self-proclaimed "ladies' man". His dragon partner is Brigid, an Asia.

  • Class: Breeder

Maximillian Russell (マクシミリアン・ラッセル Makushimirian Rasseru) - First-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and Student Council Secretary. Another one of Ash's friends at the boys' dorms. His dragon partner is Arianrhod, a Maestro.

  • Class: Dragner
  • Nicknames
    • Max (マックス Makkusu)

Jessica Valentine (ジェシカ・ヴァレンタイン Jeshika Varentain) - First-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and childhood friend and rival of Rebecca. She is a devoted fan of the "Silver Knight", Ash's armored form, and is the founder of SKFC (Silver Knight Fan Club). Her dragon partner is Rhiannon, a Hydra.

  • Class: Breeder

Lucca Sarlinen (ルッカ・サーリネン Rukka Sārinen) - Third-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy. Owns Gawain, a Maestro.

  • Class: Dragner
    • Eckbald. Còn được gọi là tộc 'Lâm Tiên'

Oscar Brailsford (オスカー・ブレイスフォード Osukā Bureisufōdo) - Second-year student at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy and Vice-President of the Student Council. The Prince of the Chevron Kingdom and a Dragner, as well as the only Dragner who is the heir to the throne. His dragon partner is Tristan, a Maestro.

  • Class: Ark-Dragner
  • Nicknames
    • The Baron of Sonic (音速の貴公子(ザ・バロン・オブ・ソニック) Za Baron obu Sonikku)
  • Equipment
    • Failnaught (フェイルノート Feirunōto) – Oscar's Ark Weapon. A magical bow that never misses its target when fired.

Lautreamont Knight CountrySửa đổi

Lautreamont Royal FamilySửa đổi

Oswald Lautreamont (オズワルド・ロートレアモン Ozuwarudo Rōtoreamon) - The King of Lautreamont and a Paladin. He’s a fat man who isn’t even a Breeder. He adores Silvia greatly.

  • Class: Paladin

Julius Lautreamont (ジュリアス・ロートレアモン Juriasu Rōtoreamon) - Former crown prince of Lautreamont who was supposedly executed for killing his own dragon.

  • Nicknames
    • Dragon Slayer (竜殺し(ドラゴンスレイヤー) Doragon Sureiyā)

Veronica Lautreamont (ヴェロニカ・ロートレアモン Veronika Rōtoreamon) - The First Princess of Lautreamont. A fearsome warrior who once killed 100 men without losing. Is hinted to have a sister complex towards Silvia.

  • Nicknames
    • Ironblood Valkyrie (鉄血の戦乙女(アイアンブラッド・ヴァルキリー) Aianburaddo Varukirī)
  • Equipment
    • Claymore
    • Silvanus (シルヴァヌス Shiruvanusu) - Veronica's peronsal airship. Named after Silvia.

Cassandra Lautreamont (カサンドラ・ロートレアモン Kasandora Rōtoreamon) - The Second Princess of Lautreamont.

  • Nicknames
    • Diabolic Belladonna (魔性の妖花(ディアボリック・ベラドンナ) Diaborikku Beradona)

Mirabel Lautreamont (ミラベル・ロートレアモン Miraberu Rōtoreamon) - The Third Princess of Lautreamont and headmaster of Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy.

  • Nicknames
    • Argento Magus (銀光の賢乙女(アルジェント・メイガス) Arujento Meigasu, lit. "Silver Mage" in Italian)

CitizensSửa đổi

Cosette Shelley (コゼット・シェリー Kosetto Sherī) - Silvia's maid.

Primrose Shelley (プリムローズ・シェリー Purimurōzu Sherī) - Ash’s exclusive maid and Cosette's older sister. A useless clumsy maid who was doing chores onboard the Silvanus before Veronica chased her out to Ash.

  • Nicknames
    • Prim (プリム Purimu)

Avdocha Kiltzkaya (アヴドーチャ・キルツカヤ Avudōcha Kirutsukaya) - Veronica’s underling and leader of the Tantalos Tribe. She can control Basilisk. Also Anya's older sister.

  • Nicknames
    • Avdocha the Convicted (断罪のアヴドーチャ Danzai no Avudōcha)

Glenn McGuire (グレン・マクガイア Guren Makugaia) - Veronica's knight and Julius' best friend.

  • Class: Arc-Dragner
  • Equipment
    • Caladbolg (カラドボルグ Karadoborugu) – Glenn’s Ark Weapon. A greatsword.

Orletta Blanc (オルエッタ・ブラン Oruetta Buran) - First class messenger of the palace.

' (') - The leader of the Holy Dragners of Lautreamont.

Eunice Shelley (ユニス・シェリー Yunisu Sherī) - Mirabel’s exclusive maid. Originally an orphan before being adopted by the House of Shelley.

Angela Cornwell (アンジェラ・コーンウェル Anjera Kōnweru) - An advanced-level teacher at Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy. 25 years old. She used to love dragons but could not become a Breeder after not being chosen by Mother Dragon, so now she loves dissecting them instead. Has taken an interest in Eco and tried to dissect her in her introductory chapter but was stopped by Ash.

Zepharos EmpireSửa đổi

OrtofonVIII (オルトフォン VIII Ortutofon VIII) - the Emperor.

Klaus Viderhausen (クラウス・ヴィターハウゼン Kurausu Vidāhauzen)

  • Count of the Vandenhaar borders. (ヴァンーデンハル)
  • Equipment
    • Beowolf (ベオウルフ Beourufu) - Klaus' airship.

Milgauss (ミルガウス Mirugausu) - A mysterious masked man serving the Zepharos Empire. Wields Tyrfing, a sword that has the ability to create Necromancia.

  • Real name- Mordred.
  • Nehalennia’s dark dragons’ king family's descendant.

Anya (アーニャ Ānya) - Milgauss' subordinate and a member of the Tantalos Tribe. Works at Café La Tene. Also Avdocha's younger sister.

  • Nicknnames
    • Shamara Kiltzkaya (シャマラ・キルツカヤ Shamara Kirutsukaya) - Real name

Kriemhild (クリームヒルト Kurīmuhirudo) - A blind girl with power of "Pluto's Children" (冥王石の仔ら(プルートゥ・チルドレン) Purūtu Chirudoren), which allows her to control dragons.

Chevron KingdomSửa đổi

Zacherias III (ザカライアスIII世 Zakaraiasu Sansei) - The old King of Chevron at 100 years of age.

Uriel Alfred Seevers de la Rosa Chevron (ユリエル・アルフレッド・シーヴァース・デ・ラ・ローザ・シェブロン Yurieru Arufureddo Shīvāsu de ra Rōza Sheburon) - The Third Prince of Chevron. He coincidently became a crown prince after the First Prince fell in love with a girl and died of madness and the Second Prince fell in love with a commoner girl and disappeared.

  • Equipment
    • Crown Solas - Uriel's magicship.

Celestina Lafon (セレスティーナ・ラフォン Seresutīna Rafon) - Oscar's exclusive maid and a former underling of Uriel. She also has the power of "Pluto's Children".

Holy Espada AgencySửa đổi

Raquel IV (ラクエルIV世 Rakueru Yonsei) - The Pope of Espada and Mirabel's student.

  • Nicknames
    • Innocent High Priestess (至純の女教皇(イノセント・ハイ・プリーステス) Inosento Hai Purīsutesu)
  • Equipment
    • Esperanza - Raquel's sacredship.

Penelope del Monde (ペネロペ・デル・モンテ Penerope deru Monde) - Raquel's attendant and leader of the Holy Wing Imperial Knights of Espada.

Labrock Trade UnionSửa đổi

Caudillo Enzo Sabatini

DragonsSửa đổi

Main DragonsSửa đổi

Mother Dragon (マザー・ドラゴン Mazā Doragon) - An enormous dragon who gives dragons to the chosen Breeders during the Orphan Ceremony. She resides in Albion Forest.

Navi (ナヴィー Navī) - A being residing in the Dragon's Workshop. An older version of Eco.

Mordred (モルドレッド Morudoreddo) - Julius' former Maestro and the series' main antagonist. He was killed by Veronica but was revived as a Necromancia by Julius (now Milgauss).

Nuada (ヌァザ) - A dragon residing in the Willingham Mausoleum.

  • Nicknames
    • Willingham Dragon (ウィリンガムの竜 Wiringamu no Ryū)

Dragon PartnersSửa đổi

Lancelot (ランスロット Ransurotto)

Cú Chulainn (クー・フリン Kū Furin)

Brigid (ブリギット Burigitto)

Arianrhod (アリアンロッド Arianroddo)

Fergus (フェルグス Ferugusu)

Rhiannon (リアンノン Riannon)

Gawain (ガウェイン Gawein)

Tristan (トリスタン Torisutan)

Countries and LocationsSửa đổi

Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi takes place in the continent of Ark Strada (アルク・ストラーダ大陸 Aruku Sutorāda-tairiku). The continent's shape closely resembles a dragon spreading its wing.

CountriesSửa đổi

Lautreamont Knight Country (ロートレアモン騎士国 Rōtoreamon Kishi-koku) - the main setting of Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi. Located in the dragon's heart. (Vương quốc Kỵ sĩ Lautreamont)

Chevron Kingdom (シェブロン王国 Sheburon-Ōkoku) - Largest country of Ark Strada. Located in the dragon’s upper body to the chest. (Vương quốc Chevron)

Zepharos Empire (ゼファロス帝国 Zefarosu-teikoku) - An industrial country in an adversarial relationship with Lautreamont and Chevron. Located in the dragon’s lower body from the chest. (Đế quốc Zepharos)

Labrock Trade Union (ラブロック商工都市連合 Raburokku Shōkōtoshi-rengo) - Located in the the dragon's tail.

Holy Espada Agency (エスパーダ聖庁 Esupāda-seicho) - Located in the dragon's wing. (Thánh cục Espada)

Địa điểmSửa đổi

Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy (アンサリヴァン騎竜学院 Ansarivan Kiryū-gakuin) - Special school where students with dragons train to become Dragners. Located in Lautreamont.

Apollo House (アポロ舎 Aporo-sha) - Advance course Boys' dormitory
Epona House (エポナ舎 Epona-sha) - Advance course Girls' dormitory
    • Merk for Basic course
La Tene (ラ・テーヌ Ra Tēnu) - A café
Seventh Dragon House (第七竜舎 Dainanaryū-sha) - Dorm for Ark-Dragners (Đệ Thất Long xá)
Julius Hall (ジュリアス館 Juriasu-kan) - Former Student Council building named after Crown Prince Julius, who was the Student Council's President at the time. Abandoned 10 years ago after the incident with Julius, but has now opened as the Student Council's base of operation again.

Fontaine City - The capital city of Lautreamont. Fontaine Palace, the Grand Palace, is located there.

Ecbald Village - A village in Lautreamont where Lucca and her clan live. (Làng Ecbald)

Dragon's Fang (竜牙亭 Ryūga-tei) – Ansarivan’s luxurious hotel. It’s renowned for its menu of delicious gourmet foods.

Fianna Forest – The forest where Dragon Riding Festivals take place. (Rừng Fianna)

Albion Forest (アルビオンの森 Arubion no Mori) – The forest where the Mother Dragon resides. Children in Lautreamont at the age of seven must participate in the Orphan Ceremony to be chosen by the Mother Dragon to be Breeders. (Đại lâm Albion)

Norg Forest (ノーグの森 Noogu no Mori) – The forest beside Allonnes Lake. (Rừng Norg)

Willingham Mausoleum (ウィリンガム霊廟 Wirigamu-reibyō) – The tomb of a young dragon that existed since ancient times. Located on the border of Lautreamont. (Hầm mộ Willingham)

Albion Church – The church located in the entrance of the Albion Forest. It manages the Orphan Ceremony as well as protects the forest. (Nhà thờ Albion)

St. Durham Square (聖ダーラム Hijiri Dāramu)- The place of the attack of the Necromancia. (Quảng trường Durham)

Danebury (デーンベリー Deenberii)- a commercial city west of Ansarivan.

St Valeria’s Church - The church where 'Avdocha the Convicted’ attacks. (Nhà thờ Thánh Valeria)

Allonnes lakeside - The place where the training camp is held. Near Norg Forest.

Rubina Lake (ルピニア湖) - A lake ...

Arkham - Zepharos Empire capital city of Arkham.

St Law University(聖法大学院)

TerminologySửa đổi

GeneralSửa đổi

Seikoku (星刻, lit. "Star Marking"): Long Ấn

Dragweiss (竜種の記憶(ドラグワース) Doraguwāsu, lit. "Record of the Dragon's Legacy") - A spirit library for dragons, with the information dating back centuries. Newborn dragons can easily access the Dragweiss.

Dragon Workshop (遣竜工房 Kenryū-kōbō) - A special realm where Navi resides in. Created by the ancient Maestros. (Khiển Long Xưởng cơ)

Orphan Ceremony (オーファンの儀 Ōfan no Gi) - A ceremony where children who are seven years of age are given larva from the Mother Dragon. Only a select few are chosen. (Nghi lễ Orphan/ Nghi lễ Nhận rồng)

Ansal Herb (アンサルハーブ Ansaru Hābu) - An herb that grows indigeneously in Lautreamont. Although normal to humans, having a rose-like scent, it has a drunken effect on dragons when inhaled or consumed. Used extensively in confectionery and beverages.

Xenoglavia War (ゼノグラヴィア戦争 Zenoglavia-sensō)The war years ago where the kingdom is against the empire and the kingdom win with the help of the Lautreamont Knight Country.

Astral Flow (星精路(アストラルフロウ) Asutoraru Furō)

Avalon Knight (アヴァロンの騎士 Avaron no Kishi)

Eccles/ Glorins (エクル Ekuru/ グローリン Guroorin)-Currency in this story.

Elysium- The Continental Congress.

Dragon Riding Dance- A dance that could only be preform by the Eckbald. (Phi Long Vũ khúc)

Magic Techniques(魔導工学)- A magic powered machanics. (a type of skill)

Albion Forest Military Order- A group of knights in chargon of gurading the novitiate at Albion Forest.

Dragonize (竜化)- transforming from a human to dragon.


Zono Ton Enlightenment

Dragon TribesSửa đổi

Asia (地竜(アーシア) Āshia, lit. "Land Dragon") - A dragon that walks on all fours. (Địa long)

Strada (翼竜(ストラーダ) Sutorāda, lit. "Air Dragon") - A flying dragon. (Phi long)

Hydra (水竜(ハイドラ) Haidora, lit. "Water Dragon") - A dragon with snake-like features. Has control over water. (Thuỷ long)

Maestro (聖竜(マエストロ) Maesutoro, lit. "Holy Dragon") - The matured form of the above three classes. A dragon that has evolved into a Maestro results in a Breeder becoming a Dragner. (Thánh long)

Other Dragon typesSửa đổi

Basilisk (バシリスク Bashirisuku) - Giant lizards, can only be controlled by members of the Tantalos Tribe.

Necromancia (屍灰竜(ネクロマンシア) Nekuromanshia, lit. "Ash Corpse Dragon") - A class of dragons that are born from the ashes of dead dragons through Zepharos' sword "Tyrfing".

Sửa đổi

Cấp bậc kỵ sĩ

Breeder [[✮]](竜飼い人(ブリーダー) Burīdā, aka Huấn long sư) - Những người nhận được trứng rồng từ Long Mẫu đều đạt được danh hiệu này sau khi thức tỉnh chú rồng của mình. Danh hiệu đầu tiên ai cũng đạt được nếu họ có rồng.

Dragner [[✮✮]](竜騎士(ドラグナー) Doragunā, aka Thần long hiệp sĩ) - Những người huấn luyện thành công rồng của họ trở thành Maestro(Thánh long). Danh hiệu thứ hai mà mọi người có thể đạt được.

Ark-Dragner [[✮✮✮]](聖天竜騎士(アーク・ドラグナー) Āku Doragunā, aka Thánh long hiệp sĩ) - Những người nhận được chiến giáp từ Maestro của họ sẽ nhận được danh hiệu trên. Chỉ có rất ít người đạt được danh hiệu này, và nó là một danh hiệu cực kỳ cao quý.

Paladin [[✮✮✮✮]](騎士王(パラディン) Paradin, aka Vua của các hiệp sĩ) - Danh hiệu trên cả Ark-Dragner. Là cấp cao nhất của các Dragner. Mới chỉ có một Paladin được biết đến đó là vua Oswald của Lautraemont.

Quân bịSửa đổi

Dragsuits (騎竜服(ドラグスーツ) Doragusūtsu, lit. "Dragon Calvary Clothes") - Costumes worn by all Breeders and Dragners in Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy. (

Ark (聖騎甲(アーク) Āku, lit. "Holy Rider Armor") - An unique set of armour Ark-Dragners receive from their Maestro.

Ark Weapon - Unique weapons that utilize Linear Magic (固有魔装 Koyū Mahō Cố hữu Ma trang). Wielded by Ark-Dragners.

Bright Dragon Crystal (竜輝華晶 Ryūki-kashō) - The crystalized form of a dragon’s magic. It can be created only when the rider and the dragon can synchronize with each other. It’s commonly used as a catalyst and fuel for light and power.

Oracle (竜媒魔法(オラクル) Orakuru, lit. "Magic Dragon Medium" hay "Long môi Ma pháp)
Millenium (千年輝華晶(ミレニアム) Mireniamu, lit. "Thousand-Year Shining Crystal" "Thiên niên Quang tinh thạch")
Uranus (聖星石(ウラノス) Uranosu, lit. "Holy Star Stone" hay "Thánh tinh thạch")
Pluto (冥王石(プルートゥ) Purūtu, lit. "Hades Stone" hay "Minh vương thạch")

Tyrfing (ティルヴィング Tiruvingu) - A sword crafted by the Zepharos Empire with the ability to summon Necromancia from the ashes of dead dragons. Wielded by Milgauss.

Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル Yugudoashiru) - A machine that was unearthed from the empire's ancient ruins. It can be used to force a normal dragon to evolve into a Maestro.

Avalon's Bracelet (アヴァロンの腕輪 Avaron no Udewa) - A special bracelet the Mother Dragon gave to Eco in Vol. 5 to suppress her power and prevent Eco from transforming into her true form.

TimeSửa đổi

A.S.B. - Probably "After Saint's Birth", to match A.D./Anno Domini (latin for "In the year of the Lord."). The Saint mentioned being St Rosa Maria (as mentioned in v2c4) the founder of what seems to be the official religion of the Knight's Country.

Taurus (♉) is the 5th month according to v2 Prologue, so I guess they're using the western-astrology zodiac to name their months. Cross referencing the other novels will probably confirm this.

ReligionSửa đổi

Since this comes up a lot in the novels, I (denormative) will try to standardise most of the terminology as I go through editing since there seems to be some confusion probably just due to lack of familiarity. Apologies if some of this states the obvious or sounds condescending, I'm not quite sure where people's knowledge levels are... (Context: I grew up in a religious Catholic/Anglican household and while I don't care about/for religion, not using the stock/idiomatic phrase patterns just make it not read 'naturally'. Plus it means I can put some otherwise useless knowledge to some use I guess... :? )

  • The faith of Saint Rosa Maria seems to be patterned after either the Roman or Orthodox Eastern Christian churches given the heavy emphasis on 'Saints'.
  • It's probably a good assumption also that "Saint Rosa Maria" is the fictional analogue of the Christian "Virgin Mary", though she seems to be the main figurehead of the faith in the novels. (There is actually a St Maria di Rosa in the Roman Catholic faith, but I'm not going to assume that the author is probably more familiar with Maria-sama ga Miteru then a 19th century congregation of sisters... :) )
  • "Saint" or "St" should always precede the name of the saint (eg, "St Valeria" or "Saint Rosa Maria"). It should be spelt out completely ('Saint') in dialogue, but the 'St' form is fine for narration. I don't believe 'St.' is correct, in fact I think that's usually used as the abbreviation for 'Street' (at least in UK/AU English).
  • I'm not sure how to deal with the "holy woman" translation in English, since in most instances you just want to use 'Saint' because that would be the natural pattern. I can't be certain, but the times I've seen 聖女 (seijyo/holy woman) used it always seems to refer to Saint Rosa Maria. If this is the case it would be logical to replace it with something like "The Saint" or just "Saint Maria".
  • References to "praying to the saint before eating" can be replaced by the phrase "saying grace" or "giving thanks".
  • General references to "praying to Saint Rosa Maria" or "praying to the saint" can be replaced with the pattern of "giving thanks to..."
  • Old Testament of the Stella Biblia

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