Fan of a certain wise person archetype with glasses, well-endowed class representative with tendencies of displaying cat-like behavior.

Fan of a certain side character with mature-looking, short, crimson hair and physique above that of an average human who is concise on words, silent but not submissive and firm on her own job.

Fan of a certain blond hair, short tempered, feline-like violinist with live alive motto and wishing that she would never fade in memories of those who have met her.

An irresponsible, mood-based person. Sorry about that!

Currently on a hiatus in order to improve writing skill.

How long does it take you to finish reading 4k of words? For me, 40mins at max.

Now then how long does it take me to finish translating 4k of words? 1-2hrs a day in a week and a half.

Currently in the translation team of: 


Sự trỗi dậy của cô nàng mọt sách

Sakurasou (Tập 3)

Have fun reading !! 

p/s: it's great that any reader comment on any chapters that I worked on and I appreciate that a lot. One thing though, pls refrain from verbal abusing me as my mood for translating would go straight down to some abyss of negativity. :p  

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